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Nashville Dog Trainer Guy Morrow has been training dogs for more than 30 years.

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I was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. As a "Child" I was always fascinated with dogs. My first dog was a German Shepherd name King. Just like every dog King needed training. My father and I enrolled him in a private dog training course. I listened intently to every word the training instructor said. During a training lesson while I was demonstrating what he taught my father and me. I heard him tell my father that I was good at it and that I have a gift for training dogs, and there I discovered my Passion and Purpose, training dogs. At that time I didn't understand exactly what he meant about a "GIFT", but now that I'm older, I often reflect back on what he said about me having a gift to train dogs. When I was first given a leash, I would take it every where , I even slept with it (lol). I read books, watched television shows and movies about dogs. I would train family, friends ands neighbors' dogs. Even now when I run into childhood friends, I'm often asked do I still train dogs' and I tell them that's what I do full time and they are not surprised
       I attended Tennessee State University in Nashville Tn. where I majored in Psychology and Accounting. There again I would train classmates' and professors' dogs.
       Before I knew it people were acknowledging me as a dog trainer. They were bringing me their family and friends dogs. One day upon completing a training course an owner said that I trained their dog so well that she had to pay me. Right then I had a "Light Bulb" moment, I said to myself it would be nice to train dogs full time. I also knew that there were some dogs I would need help with. So, I began to explore how to become a full time Certified Master Dog Trainer and found World Canine Dog Trainers. There were many schools that were qualified, but the main reason I chose World Canine, was because of the slogan they used that said, "Dogs teach us how to train them, therefore return the favor and teach others". That slogan described exactly what I was doing my entire life, training dogs and their owners. Upon completion of the course I graduated and received my Certified Master Dog Training Title and Guy's Dog Training Service was born.
        Guy's Dog Training Service was established November 20, 1986 for the purpose of training Dogs and Owners. My success derives from clients allowing me to "Take" their dogs and train them, and had I not trained their dogs myself, I would Not have "Learned" as much...Thank ALL my clients for the knowledge which gives me the "Ability" to "Guarantee" all training for the "LIFE" of your dog. Owners are taught the Mechanical and Psychological aspects of dog training. The results are two fold: Owners who choose for me to teach them how to train their dogs, learn ALL  the training phases: Owners who choose me to train their dogs, learn how to handle their dogs after they have been trained.
      Guy's Dog Training Service provides the following services:
All Phases of Obedience

All Phases of Personal Protection

I am a Behavior Modification Specialist

No dog too young or too old

Training dogs for people with Disabilities

Training dogs for the Entertainment Industry

Training dogs for American Kennel Club and Schutzhund Competition

Come learn the ART of dog training at Guy's Dog Training Service were the training is "Guaranteed" for the "LIFE" of your dog. The Advantage that YOU will recieve from me, is that you will be able to train your next dog on your own.
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